Amo is an digital artist who focuses on vitual visual presentation of human body and gesture, visualizing the invisibles - the bridge connects the virtual and the physical. She creates interactive projection that uses human as canvas and projection light as paint, which builds an intimate relationship between her message and the audience. She uses this media to explores the relationship between digital self v.s. physical self, identity paradox and self-recognition and awareness. Her works involves computer vision, artificial intelligence, code, sensors and projection.

- studying and living in Chicago
- BFA in Art and Technology Studies at School of the Art Institute
- MS in Computer Science at DePaul University (ongoing)
- openFrameworks, Processing, Kinect, Computer Vision, Artificial Inteilligence, Projection Mapping, Game Engine Development, etc.

+1 312 532 7747
mzeng at

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Amo 是一个专注于人类在虚拟世界里肢体的视觉表现的新媒体艺术家,尝试探索和描绘现实与虚拟之间的桥梁。她创作各种交互的投影,将身体作为画布,投影作为笔触,尝试用这样的形式与媒介和观众建立对话、探索现实和虚拟身份的关系、对自我的认知和定义。她的作品涉及 计算机视觉、人工智能、代码、传感器和投影。